Wednesday, October 3, 2007

WTB [Healers]

Once again, our guild, Rogue Angels, is looking for Healers. Ever since I came back with The Burning Crusade, it's been a never ending problem...not just for our guild but for other guilds as well. The constant shortage, or, rather exodus, of healers is a serious problem that Blizzard needs to address.

I don't think there is one single issue that we can point at and say, "That's the problem, fix it!". I think it's a combination of things...and while I could make this post about those problems, this post needs to be a plee for healers! If you're looking for a good, casual raiding guild, please read on, if not, you can still read on, just be aware that it's an advertisment. ;)

Rogue Angels, Horde on Detheroc server, is looking for healers!

Rogue Angels is a casual raiding guild. We raid Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 8pm server time to 11pm. Currently, we've been running Kara (full clear) on Tuesday and Thursday and doing Gruul's on Sunday. We had been running two Kara groups each week until this week (lack of healers). Our goal is to discontinue Kara in November and run 25-mans. Raiding is not mandatory. We have a lot of people that prefer to quest, run instances, or PvP.

Rogue Angels is a mature group of gamers that have played together for many years (some of us 10+ years). We're serious about raiding without being 'hardcore'. We are looking for good people, mainly healers, that want to see end game raid content and are committed to 'sticking with it' and, most importantly, us.

If you would like to apply, please do so in the World of Warcraft forum. This main forum page is for our 'Gaming Community'. Rogue Angels has been together since 1999 (some of us longer) and, quite often, we have people playing in multiple games. Our official WoW guild forums is member only, and once accepted, you'll be given access.

For those of you not looking for a guild, please bump our recruiting threads here, here, and here. Baklor is our Guild Leader, and please, don't let his lack of grammar, punctuation, or paragraphs scare you away. He really is a great leader dispite his writing skills. ;p


Idaho said...

I was previously a resto druid, which sucked due to absence of DPS ability. For a level 70 raid healer you are going to have trouble getting druid, paladin with strong builds for the same reason.

Have a "Help the Healer Day" once a week to allow players with low-DPS builds to get rep, motes and other things that only mobs drop. You will have to group up with them to grind these things out as a thanks for their healing and low-dps outside of raid. This would take some time, but may encourage some people to respec for healing.

OTW, just offer 100g per week to cover the cost of unspec/respec.

With the change allowing 1/3 of +heal to go to +spell damage, you may find some priests willing to go full Holy. However, full Resto and Holy among druid/shaman and paladins will still be severely limited in their DPS. A Resto druid will only have 3 dmg spells at their disposal....

Ferocious Bite said...

Great ideas! I've already posted in our guild's officers forums about them. Thanks!